Effective methods of promoting the application in the top App Store and Google Play


The main goal of all mobile application developers is to create a popular application that will occupy the top app store. Tops of the App Store and Google Play are visited by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, so the application in the top collects a huge number of installations. So ASO optimization and promotion, traffic, press releases ect  for your application will be the main tasks for successes.  


How many instances do you need for the top App Store?

In the App Store, the main factor for getting into the top is the number of installations over the last day. In Russia, to get into the top 10 Overall on the iPhone, you need to get 10-15 thousand instals per day, on the iPad - 6-10 thousand installations. For each country, the figures depend on the number of users, for example, in the USA it is 50-70 thousand installations.


The number of reviews and the rating of the application affects the application position weakly, an application with a higher rating will need fewer installations to reach the top. To reach the top of the App Store, it’s enough to buy a large amount of instances per day, for example, motivated installs for which users receive rewards for installations. So you need to work hard on your reputation management in App Store


Apple declares that it is struggling with motivated installations, but in fact, it is beneficial for Apple that the top be dynamic and frequently updated - then users will be more interested in going into it. Therefore, there were no real precedents for applying sanctions for motivated attitudes on the part of the company.


How many instances are needed for the top Google Play

The Google Play ranking algorithm takes into account the number of installations during the week and uses factors in the ranking, for example, uninstalling the application and user reviews. To promote the application in the top Google Play, you need to ensure good quality installations and the total volume of instances is much more than in the App Store. For example, to get into the general top 25 Google Play in Russia, you need about 100 thousand installs per week, so the top Google Play is updated much less frequently.


Bringing the app to the top Google Play


Promotion of the application in the top Google Play. The application smoothly gains positions over the course of a week, and then loses positions just as smoothly.


Does the application pay off in the top?

A few years ago it was possible to say unequivocally that the conclusion to the top was justified - the number of organic installations from the top was much higher than the price for the conclusion to the top. In 2015, when a day and a half around the world on average 1,500 applications appear, the answer to this question is not unique - it all depends on the application. A good indicator when a mobile application receives + 100% of organic installations from purchased instals. After that, most applications from the top drop out, in any case, it is important to visit the top to understand how the game is picked up by organics slot online .


Buying a large number of installations per day, you quickly promote the application to the top and get the maximum organic installs. The higher the position in the top of the store, the more organic the application collects. The higher the position you want to take, the more settings you need for this, and the more organic installers you get. The largest possible volume of organic plants can be obtained from the top 25 or top 10.

If you are at the testing stage and are not ready to invest a large budget, you can conduct a test run, for example, go to the top of Singapore and see the indicators. English is spoken in Singapore, and 1,000 installations are enough to reach the top 10 iPhone. Before entering large markets, for example, the USA or Great Britain, you can test the application in a smaller top, while remembering that in different countries the application users will behave differently.

What to do to advance in the top App Store?

To advance in iOS, you need to provide many installations per day. Application promotion plan or what to do:


Buying a lot of motivated attitudes is a universal method that almost always works. You must understand that the quality of users will be low and you can count on organic installations from the top.

Post reviews on thematic resources. Installations from similar sources of good quality. The downside is that PR applications are difficult to calculate and predict the number of instals, for example, a review on iPhones.ru can bring from 1,000 to 5,000 installations.  Such a volume of installations will not be enough to bring the application to the top and most likely you will have to get the installation. Reviews bring installation during the first days of placement, while paid reviews are an expensive event.

You can run a cross-promotion for the audience of your applications by sending pushes, if the audience is large, this may be enough to get to the top.

Accommodation in the Day Attachment. Top 25 guarantee at least one placement usually gives you access to the top 5. The cost of placing in Russia according to the price list is 18,000 EUR for non-gaming applications and 15,000 EUR for gaming.

Purchase of unmotivated units. It is difficult to immediately buy such a volume of unmotivated installations, so that it would be enough to get to the top. Moreover, if you buy a large volume, the installation price becomes higher.

What to do to advance to the top Google Play?


For Android, instances need only high-quality ones, so there are reviews, cross-promos and unmotivated installations. Sometimes motivated settings are converted to users, for example, if this is an interesting game, but this is an exception. For cheating instances bots on Google Play can be banned, this is a dangerous method.

Mobile application promotion options

Which is better - order a turnkey promotion in the top store or buy the installation yourself? To advance to the top, there are two options - order a turnkey application promotion or do it yourself.


Option number 1. Order the service of withdrawing the application to the top Google Play or App Store

The advantage of this approach is that you remove some of the risks, when ordering promotion, the top 25 is taken at the lower bar and if you do not get into the top 25, you pay nothing. You take off all the headache of purchasing traffic, and there are a lot of nuances of the purchase. The downside is that you are likely to overpay, because the risks are assumed by the contractor. If you decide to order a turn-key top-up service, work with trusted contractors. The work is carried out on a prepaid basis and if the top is not reached, it is sometimes difficult to return this money.


Option 2. Promote yourself to the top

The pluses are that you have full control over the process and take all the risks upon yourself. However, you are not guaranteed a constant volume of procurement of traffic. If you don’t go to the top, you lose money that you spend on motivated traffic, because you don’t get additional organics. تحميل شير ات

Traffic management is a pretty complicated thing. In advance, no one will tell you exactly how much traffic he has - they usually themselves do not know how much will be done. Usually they give approximate estimates of traffic at a given price, while the sources of traffic will intersect. For example, you buy 2,000 instances from one seller, another 2,000 from the second and 10,000 from the third. You count on 14,000 instances, but in reality the second seller sells the traffic of the first, and the third - the traffic of both of them, in the end you have only 8000.  This is revealed after the launch of the campaign. facebook lite If the game has a large volume or has already been actively promoted in the past, then it will be more difficult to gain the required number of installations.


 How much does it cost to go to the overall overall Google Play or App Store

A large amount of motivated traffic costs up to $ 1 per installation in Russia, and $ 10,000 - 15,000 is needed to get to the top 10 iPhone with motivated traffic. But usually the turnkey price tag is more expensive, because To make a top guaranteed, you have to consider a lot of risks. The exact number of installations, which is enough for the top on a particular day, no one can know for sure. Therefore, you need to reserve traffic with a margin so that it is definitely enough. In the process of promotion, when the application reaches the desired position, traffic rarely succeeds in stopping instantly, so more often than not there are more installations. If you buy traffic on your own, then the price may turn out to be both cheaper and more expensive for you.


How much does it cost to enter the top categories of Google Play or the App Store

Sometimes it’s enough to stay in the top category. If the category is not large, for example, Travel or Finance, for this you need not so many instals. In the region of 1000 installations is usually enough to get into the top 5. For many applications, it makes sense to stay in the category top for a long time and collect the target settings from there, rather than go to the general top.


1,000 instances per day can be advertising the application from ad networks - Google Adwords, Target@Mail.ru, Facebook, or either buy from CPI partners. If it turns out to do less, for example, 500 per day, you can add motivated installations to 1000 to stay stable in the top. فتح المتجر



The conclusion to the top stories is one of the most effective tools for marketing applications, but you need to approach it wisely. If you just started the application, do not rush to immediately invest a lot of money to withdraw to the general top, test user behavior in the category top. Use an integrated approach to promoting applications, not just buying motivated installations.  After putting the application to the top, the promotion of the application does not end.


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5 In case the English menu is not available, you can bring your dictionary along to the restaurant.

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9. Go to food stalls, local restaurants or food courts at shopping malls to get cheap food.

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Comparison of online casino is not easy, and it's even more difficult for beginners. You should try some free games first to find out if you like them. Playing the casino online is not only about spending time with the free games. It is important to bet real money. It is important to choose a casino that offers a convenient interface with games one knows. While some websites may be visually appealing, the quality of their games may not meet expectations. You should avoid these sites in order to find a more suitable gaming website. The software being used at some of these casinos is another important thing to consider. Playing at online casinos that utilize software from RTG or Vegas Technology is a good idea. You can have a great time playing on sites that utilize these softwares.

The site's rules should be read before playing. The site's banking options are important because online casino games involve money. It is important to look at the deposit and withdrawal options if there has been a big win. You should also check out the information you provide to the website and any liability policies. You should avoid any website that has huge bonuses or looks appealing. Search for a casino online that appears natural. This is a place where you feel like both winning and losing. It may be worth investigating.