Chora Godwin Learning and Writing Center 

Welcome to the Chora Godwin Learning and Writing Center(LWC). The LWC offers currently enrolled, University of Mobile students, walk-in and by appointment peer tutoring along with information on improving study skills.

Come to the Learning & Writing Center with a plan for your session.

Set realistic expectations about what material you can cover in a 30-minute session.

It is not beneficial to attend a writing appointment the day your paper is due. Therefore, we do not adhere to that practice. Writing involves revision and time to reflect upon what you and your tutor discussed during your session. Please book appointments in advance, so that you will have adequate time to revise your paper before it is due. We recommend you return to your tutor once revisions are made to ensure you did not miss anything.

Decide whether you need help with the content of your paper or help with the writing process. Writing tutors are a great help during the writing process, but they may not know content in specific subject areas. If you are having trouble with the content aspect of your paper, please consider seeing a subject tutor instead.

Writing tutors are here to help with structure, content, and flow of papers.

Writing tutors are not professors, hence they cannot predict the grades of your papers. Please do not ask your tutor “What grade would you give this paper?”

All papers must be printed out before your session.

Papers cannot be printed out in the Learning & Writing Center. 

We look forward to seeing you in the Learning & Writing Center. Success awaits in Student Success!