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Welcome to the University of Mobile.  This university is dedicated to changing lives to change the world.  Please be sure to visit our global website at
The purpose of this site is to provide important consumer information required by the Higher Education Act to be disclosed to the general public and, in some cases, to subgroups such as current students, prospective students, employees, prospective employees, and student athletes.  The information presented here is in the form of documents, links to pages on our University of Mobile website, or links to other websites which provide searchable databases where you can search for information about UM. 
The following information is included: financial aid information and student financial assistance, general institutional information, health and safety information, a variety of student outcomes, and data on the intercollegiate athletic program at UM. 
Campus Life
Vaccinations Policy (.pdf, 21K)
Emergency Management Plan - Hurricane Brochure (.pdf, 293K)
Update: 7/8/2013 
Emergency Management Plan (.doc, 96K)
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Survey: 2013-2014 (.pdf, 325K)
Includes information on intercollegiate athletic program participation rates and financial support data for 2013-2014. SOURCE:
Security Report: 2011-2013 (.pdf, 435K)
This is the latest campus security report for 2011-2013 as required by the Clery Act.
Financial Aid
Financial Information 2014-2015 (.pdf, 209K)
Includes information about price of attendence (tuition, course and registration fees, special fees, and housing and meal plans), important dates, and university policy concerning payment of tuition and fees (including drop/add policies and withdrawal/refund policies.)
Transfer of Credit Guidelines (.pdf, 180K)
Updated 1/2/2014
Copyright Statement Posted on Library Copiers (.pdf, 22K)
FERPA Statement/Confidentiality of Student Records (.pdf, 63K)
Teacher Preparation Report Card News Release - July 2009 (.docx, 12K)
Teacher Preparation Report Card: 2008-2009 (.pdf, 176K)
Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (.pdf, 3683K)
Contains information on plans for improvement of educational programs.
ADA Statement and Support for Students with Disabilities (.pdf, 192K)
Articulation with Alabama Community Colleges (.pdf, 185K)
Articulation with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (.pdf, 62K)
State of Alabama Mail-In Voter Registration Card (.pdf, 171K)
Download this form and follow directions to register to vote in the State of Alabama.
Voter Registration Notice - FA 2014 (.pdf, 99K)
Employers of UM Graduates (.pdf, 292K)

Self-Reported by Alumni as of 1/4/2010

Additional Degrees Earned by UM Graduates (.pdf, 54K)
Self-Reported by Alumni as of 1/4/2010
Plans After Graduation - Spring 2013 (.pdf, 79K)
Updated 5/21/2013
Student Learning Outcomes
School of Business Student Outcomes - 2011 (.pdf, 92K)
University-Wide Outcomes (.pdf, 2656K)
Revised 9/27/2012
School of Business Student Outcomes - 2013 (.pdf, 94K)
Added 1-3-2014
Statement in Compliance with ACBSP Requirement for Public Performance Reporting - 2015 (.docx, 16K)

Posted 11/24/15

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