Our goal in the Honors Program is to create a genuine community committed to the life of the mind and the the pursuit of truth. You will join a group of the brightest, most creative students in exploring the intellectual and spiritual inheritance of the Christian West. Along the way, you will have the support of your fellow students and a committed honors faculty.
The program allows you to take specially designed courses in place of some of your standard core curriculum courses your first two years. All majors are welcome. The heart of the program is a set of four seminars that replace required freshman composition and sophomore literature courses. These seminars provide an introduction tot eh western thought and culture from ancient times to the present. They are team-taught by faculty fro a range of disciplines (philosophy, literature, history, political science, sociology) and combine interesting, challenging lectures with wide-ranging discussion,
To get started, just sign up for the next Honors seminar (EN111H, 112H, 211H, or 212H). The seminars are independent, so you can begin at any point. 
If you would like more information, contact Dr. Douglas Mitchell, the Honors Program Director (251-442-2308; or Dr. Bethany Bear, the Assistant Director (251-442-2345;
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