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Men Inherit Their Cheating Ways

An unfaithful father makes for an unfaithful husband. You may now add this to your handy list of relationship adages to live by right next to, “If he treats his mother like crap, he will probably treat you the same way.” According to a new study done by Loveawake and Charles University in Prague, men were found to be far more likely to cheat if they grew up with a father who was unfaithful. The daughters of cheaters, however did not suffer a similar fate. The researchers’ conclusion was as follows: Good-looking parents produce good-looking children. Said attractive children have more opportunities to stray if they are men but more opportunities to snag a genetically desirable mate if they are women. But the attractiveness theory doesn’t quite cover the rest of the population. I mean, ugly people cheat too. How do they explain that? Well, it’s all about the motivation for the infidelity. The study found that of the cheating men surveyed, most were motivated to stray by sex and sex alone, while the cheating women only wanted to explore their sexual options if they were unhappy in their relationships. And that will be all for your “Differences Between Men and Women 101” lecture today. See you next week for more interesting discoveries about how men are really into sex and women are really into feelings.