Are you getting tired of reading grammar books? Do you dread the boring English class? Sometimes all you want to do is to relax and watch your favourite show instead of engaging in more English tasks. Do you know you can greatly enhance your English by watching TV? Sounds like fun, right? It is a fascinating way to learn English online since all you need is to sit back, relax and pay attention as you follow your favourite series on TV.

As a student, sometimes you may find it boring to attend the class lectures since you find it monotonous. During your free time, you can enjoy a good English TV series with the purpose of learning the language and growing your vocabulary simultaneously. Apart from learning English, you can also heighten your abilities to listen keenly as you gradually attain your goals.

There are numerous TV series that can help you learn English online which will eventually improve your knowledge of the language. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best English TV series you can watch.

Game of Thrones

This is an epic series involving a medieval battle for the throne. It is one of the best TV series where the characters use aristocratic British accents. You will enjoy watching the drama as well as taking notes on the refined vocabularies and idioms frequently used in the series.


It is a popular TV series that most people enjoyed watching.  Being an informative TV series, it can be used to enhance your knowledge in the English language. Its language is simple, and you can follow through with ease.

Big Bang Theory 

This series is about a group of intelligent friends working together at a university. They do research in various scientific fields while performing experiments. It is a great series where you can learn English since it is hilarious and easy to follow. Since it has a university setting and the broad theme is science, you can enrich your vocabulary while learning more on the language used by students.

House of Cards

This is a captivating political series depicting how the government functions, and how policymakers handle the administrative powers to their advantage. Through this show, you can learn several legal terminologies and improve on your grammar as well.

Gossip girl

An entertaining series which is popular among the teenagers since it involves a group of high school children. It is a series that can enhance your communication skills as it uses simple English. There are no complex vocabularies, and you can easily follow the story.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

This is a reality TV show which focuses on the family life of the Kardashians. It is one of the best TV series to learn English since they use modern English where you can easily grasp common terminologies while enjoying the entertaining life of glitz and glamor.

How I met your mother

This is an interesting series full of humour where the main character tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. It has a futuristic setting which may confuse you at first. However, the narrator, who is the main character, makes it easy for you to follow the story. You can easily learn English since it uses simple language that is quite understandable. The characters use everyday language incorporated with a lot of humour thus making it easy for you to learn English.


An informative series involving a high school teacher who wants to salvage his music students by teaching and encouraging them to be better performers.  Through the music lessons in this series, you can improve on pronunciation and intonation skills. Hence, this makes it one of the best TV series to learn English.

Grey’s Anatomy

This is a captivating medical series which is very popular the world over. It dramatically portrays the world of medicine, relations, and issues at work. You can easily follow the conversations between characters which makes you enrich your vocabulary. Since it has various medical terms, you can also learn the context which greatly improves your understanding.

Desperate Housewives 

This is a fun-filled drama that exposes the lives of several housewives in a suburban setting.  The women in this show portray a perfect family life where they all have their lives in control. However, there are plot twists since each character has a flaw or a secret that they wouldn’t want to reveal to others. By watching this series, you can easily learn English since the language flows naturally with the use of common idioms.

Try to watch these TV series for educational purposes, and you will see how great it is to combine studies with entertainment. Good luck!