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The University of Mobile is in compliance with the provisions of the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act of 1974, which provides that an institution maintain the confidentiality of students' educational records.  Students have the right to inspect and review information contained in their educational records and to challenge the contents. (The University will provide the requested information with 45 days as provided by the Act.) If the response to a challenge is unsatisfactory, a student may submit explanatory statements to be included as a part of the file.
The University may release directory information as provided by the Act to include: Name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major, study load, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, previous attendance at other educational institution, participation in officially recognized sports and activities, and weight and height of athletic team members. A student may withhold release of this directory information by notifying the registrar in writing within two weeks of the beginning of an academic period (semester).  A detailed statement of policies, as well as other public disclosures, are available at the Public Disclosures link at the bottom of this screen.
FERPA restrictions apply to all student records, whether the courses are taught in traditional classroom settings or delivered through online instruction.  To assure the identity of students engaged in online coursework, all students must use University assigned RamsMail email for communication with other students and faculty through MyUM course pages.  The University collects no private information from students enrolled in online courses except that information that students choose to make available.  Personal information (other than that defined as directory information) is used only for those purposes specifically authorized by the student.  When students choose to restrict the release of personal information, all restrictions apply equally to the information shared on campus or in distance education courses.




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